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About us:

We are Power Ninja Studios, a group of university students that have come together to make this video game. As of yet the game is not finished and is still in the "polishing" phase where we sort out bugs and inconsistencies.

The game:

Set in medieval Japan, this small hack & slash narrative driven game will win your sword in the fight for justice!.

Shogun 'Oda' has been ruling the land with an iron fist; any town or city that dares to refuse his terms gets wiped out. You play as Akio, a survivor of one of these attacks. Akio has declared vengence on Shogun Oda and will not rest until justice for his family and loved ones has been claimed. Akios long adventure leads him to the White Tigers, a rebellion filled with outlaws, Ronins and the like where he becomes one of them, learns their ways, trains how to fight, to one day fulfil his goal.

Vertical slice:

The game we have made starts the player in the Shogan's high mountain palace dungeons. You must break out, find your way to the Shoguns palace and claim justice for his crimes.

After playing, please fill out this feedback form so we can improve on the game: https://goo.gl/forms/LRX7nEiba7sXrndG3


- Power Ninjas Studio Team


- Movement: WASD / Left stick

- Camera: Mouse movement / Right stick

- Jump: Spacebar / "A" button.

- Light attack: LMB / "X" button.

- Heavy attack: RMB / "B" button.

- Dodge: "c" / Right bumper

- Sprint: Shift / Left bumper

- Pause = "Z" / Start on controller


Connor Howells - Project Lead / Game Designer

Damien Stergio - Game Design

Stefan Schaening - Programmer

Jacquelyn Pennay - Animator

Matt Fajardo - Animator

Markus Paasila - Animator

Ben Read - VFX artist

Change log: Final Build

+ Game Finished

+ Final Additions to UI, Object placement and missing textures

+ Values and balancing of Player and Enemies

+ Camera zoom and sensitivity tweaking

+ VFX changes

+ Game has slight glitch, when you reset you must press start and resume.

Changelog: Version 3.

+ Added less brutal AI

+ Lowered the size of tutorial Images.

+ Final boss has attack and damage sounds.

+ Adjusted lighting - Not complete.

+ Stopped the camera sensitivity from being twice as fast on the second level.

+ new object placements

Changelog: Version 2.

+ Main menu controller functionality (still WIP)

+ UI Updated

+ Colliders on crates

+ Colliders blocking the player through shortcuts

+ Fixed Infinite Jump on controller/

+ New Player Animations

+ New Player Attacking Functionality

+ Controller Re-mapped

+ New Enemy Animations

+ Enemy Implemented

+ Sounds implemented on various actions

+ Outside level object placement revamp

+ WIP - Lighting, Main cause of losing of frames


The Tale of Akio.zip 97 MB


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Hello all!, The final build of The Tale of Akio is finished :D if you have the time please fill out the form provided and thanks all for this journey :)


- Power Ninja Studios

hello all!, version 3 is now up!.

The game is now in its final stages, we couldn't of done it without the feedback of everyone!.

We have this weekend for last minute changes for Monday so if you find any issues or problems, or want to give your feedback please fill out the form provided.

Stay awesome!

- Power Ninja Studios

hello all, a new build for The Tale of Akio is up!!.

Since last weeks release we have received a multitude of feedback from all types of players expressing their thoughts on the games current state. This valuable feedback has led us to address a lot of the core issues of the game over the week, and we now humbly present you with version 2.

Hope you all have fun with the new build. If you do have the time, please answer our questionnaire as honest as you can.

Thank you all!

- Power Ninja Studios

Known issues:

- lighting is broken

- Shogun Oda is broken

- menus is broken

Thanks for all the feedback so far from a lot of passionate gamers like ourselves. "The Tale of Akio" has just been released as a feature complete build for our assignment. We have 3 weeks of polishing where we will be hoping to address all the issues as soon as possible. Will get a new build out very soon :).


- Power Ninja Studios

This game needs alot of work. Hopefully points made in the video can help you fix issues with more precision.